Friday, August 20, 2004

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Deja Vu

Olympics - Romania locks up women's gymnastics gold

Yes, I live in America. For the time being. And yes, there are amazing things one can do in this country. But right now I'm happy to be Romanian. I'm happy for the girls who won the Olympic women's gymnastics gold medal, replicating the 2000 Sydney result.

I know Romania is striving to get out of the transition shit hole (pardon my colloquial demeanor); and I know hard work and athletic triumphs are not the only way to success anymore (though they have been for many years and for many girls.) But to be honest, if your pool of choice is 280 million (U.S. population), or 23 million (roughly Romania's population), common sense tells you Americans have about 12-1 chances to win more medals than the Romanians (further proof: the Chinese are 3 gold medals ahead of the Americans as of today; and 1 billion people tops 280 million by far.)

Nevertheless, we did it, and I can proudly say to all the generalizing, stereotypical, narrow-minded, ignorant dweebs in the world that out of the four life styles a Romanian is prejudicially expected to embrace (gypsy, dictator, vampire or gymnast), I vote for the latter.