Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Congressional Resolution Urges Romania To Amend Adoption Ban

In light of the upcoming May 16th decision on the country's EU 2007 adherence, I doubt that Romania will take any stands against the 2001 moratorium on foreign abortions imposed as a result of EU pressures.

However, since 5 years ago, the European Parliament has shown more leniency in supporting the international adoption of Romania's abandoned children - mainly in unique and imperative cases. Additionally, the moratorium was initially justified based on accusations of corruption in the adoption process; times are changing, there's a new government in place and the Anti-Corruption Department has "started hunting impressive fish" as The Economist pointed out earlier this year.

All in all, the Romanian government may just have enough leeway to finally reevaluate its no-foreign-adoptions policy, though after EU membership is secured. Until then, the choice between the U.S. Congress and Europe seems pretty simple - there will be little or no change at all before January 2007. In seeking an effective answer, this resolution may have been poorly timed.


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