Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Time Will Tell

IHT: Romania acts to lure investment

Socialists: "The welfare system is already going down the drain; this won't help much. Tax the foreigners, damn it!"

Conservatives: "Foreign investment is the only path to prosperity. Sacrifices must be made, but in the long run businesses will start spending for the benefit of the people."

Ceausescu: "We don't need foreign investment. Invigorate the industry and promote the local workers. Less corporate tax means more external loans. When I was around, foreign debt was close to zero..."

Average Romanian: "Will this pay me a higher salary?"

P.S. I wonder if Ceausescu would have used the word "invigorate"? Can't seem to find it on the list:"to dictate, dictated, dictator, dictatorial, dictatorially, dictatorship... "


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